After a successful event on 2019 we announced a Second Zero plastic run to be held on February 2020. Zero Plastic Run is to create awareness about the environmental impact caused by Plastic or the negative impact caused by the use of single-use plastic.
The second zero plastic run also took place at Hulumale’ on 28th February with over 1150 participants. In the event also we had encouraged the participants of the run to collect the plastics during the run. However, unlike last year we instructed the participants to collect the trash from the beach area only. Also, like last year we had Various plastic collection points set up at different locations so that the collected plastic could be disposed properly and sent for recycling. In addition, ICS is honored to have carried out the second Zero Plastic Run without the use of any single-use plastic throughout the run. The participants finished off the run, taking a pledge to support minimizing the use of single-use plastic in the Maldives. The pledge was carried out by signing on a cloth banner in the Central park.  

Various Plastic Collected by the participants of the run.
19.2 Kg Coke Bottles
74.1 Kg Water Bottles
23.7 KG Hard Plastics

117 Kg of Plastic
212.8 Kg of Other Waste Materials

Total Collection: 329.8 Kg