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Event Program and Route Map

You may download the Event Program and Route Map from links below:

Zero Plastic Run 2019 Event Program

Zero Plastic Run 2019 Route MAP

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For Assistance Please Contact Us

ICS Maldives Pvt Ltd.
2nd Floor, H. Nereen,
Majeedhee Magu, Male’, Maldives
+960 779 7427

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Run/Walk Kit Collection

#ZeroPlasticRun Kits are now available for collection as indicated below:

28 January 2019 from 12pm to 9pm
29 January 2019 to 31 January 2019 from 9am to 9pm.

ICS Maldives Private Limited
H. Nereen, 3rd Floor
Majeedhee Magu

Standard Kit – T-shirt, Bib and Tote Bag
Don’t Leave Us Behind Kit – Bib and Tote Bag
Bring a Buddy Kit – Bib and Tote Bag

For all Kits, Finisher Medal will be awarded on crossing the finish line.

Those who have registered as individuals are requested to produce the identification used for registration when collecting the kits.

The kits of all group members can be collected by the Team Leader for those who have registered as a group. Team leader should bring his/her identification when collecting the kits.

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Run Date & Time

The run will take place on Friday, 1 February 2019 at 8:00 am. All participants are required to be present at the starting point by 7:30 am. Should there be any change to this date and time, it will be officially announced on the event website.


Zero Plastic Run is held in Hulhumale’. The run / walk will start at Central Park and will finish at the same location.

Route Map

The run / walk route is a 5km path.

Run Kit

The Standard Run Kit will include the following items:

[minti_list][minti_listitem icon=”fa-check”]Event T-shirt[/minti_listitem] [minti_listitem icon=”fa-check”]Run / Walk Bib[/minti_listitem] [minti_listitem icon=”fa-check”]Tote Bag[/minti_listitem] [/minti_list]

[minti_alert type=”info” close=”false”]Price of the Standard Run Kit is MVR 300/-.


Based on the feedback from interested parties, were are also offering the following Run Kits till end of the year 2018 to enable more interested parties to join the run.


Price of “Don’t Leave Us Behind Run Kit” is MVR 200/-.

This Run Kit includes Run / Walk Bib and Tote Bag only (Event T-shirt is excluded).


Price of “Bring a Buddy Run Kit” is MVR 150/-.

This Run Kit is offered to allow those who have already registered for the run to register a buddy using their confirmation code. Only one buddy per confirmation code will be allowed. This Run Kit includes Run / Walk Bib and Tote Bag only (Event T-shirt is excluded). [/minti_alert]

Run Kit payment is non-refundable, except and only in the unlikely event of Zero Plastic Run cancellation.

Finisher Medal

All participants who completes the 5km will be awarded an ecofriendly medal. Participants are encouraged to finish the course before the closing ceremony which starts at 9:45 am at the Central Park. This event will end at 10:30 am.

Zero Plastic Run is not a race. It is a run / walk which is not timed and emphasis is placed on completing the event and making a stand for the cause of the event.

Prior to Leaving Home for the Event

  • Prepare your water and drinks in reusable bottles or containers.
  • You can contribute to disposing the single-use plastic that is already in our lives by bringing them to the event location for it to be properly recycled. Collection points established by our partners will be there at the event location. You are requested to please have the plastic cleaned before you bring those.

On Run Day

  • Participants must be in good health and be physically prepared to run or walk to complete the course.
  • All participants should report to the starting point by latest 7:45 am.
  • The entire event will be carried out without use of harmful single-use plastics.
  • On run day, all registered participants must wear the bib they had received. If anyone is not wearing a bib during the run, he/she will not be considered as a participant of this event.
  • The bib must be visible and worn on the front and outside of all clothing during the entire run.
  • All participants are strongly encouraged to wear the event t-shirt to show unity towards the cause of this event.
  • Please fill in any necessary medical and emergency contact information on the back of the bib. Use a pen or waterproof marker.
  • Participants must stay on the official run course at all times. Be mindful and respect other participants during the run / walk.
  • There will be water stations placed throughout the course to help keep the participants hydrated. These stations will serve water without the use of any single-use plastics.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring water and drinks in reusable bottles or containers.
  • Participants are encouraged to collect plastics that they may come across along the course path, and deliver to the collection stations. To facilitate this the run/walk course path is divided into six zones with each zone assigned a colour as shown in the route map. Special colour coded bags provided by Parley can be collected from the event grounds prior to starting the run/walk. You can carry the plastics to the colour coded collection stations placed at the beginning and end of each zone. Members from the Endorsing NGOs will be there throughout the route to provide guidance if necessary. Please return the unused and empty bags to the collection station prior to leaving the event grounds. All plastics collected at the event will be handed over to Parley for recycling. #IAmResponsible
  • After completing the run/walk individuals and institutions will be invited to take a pledge to support Zero Plastics by palm-printing on a cloth banner placed at the Zero Plastic Run finish line.

Your Safety

First Aid services will be available during the event and ambulance services will be available in case of an emergency.

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