Register for Zero Plastic Run

There are two options to register for #ZeroPlasticRun. You can register individually or you can register as a group. There is an option for everyone. This year we are allowing participants to register with as low as MVR 85.00.

Individual Registration

Individual registration is for individuals and groups of individuals who want to register together but want individual preferences of kits. Under this option you can register for one person or a group. The key difference is you can select how you want it for each individual in the group.  Each individual can select from two Kits. ZPR Basic Kit for MVR 85.00 or ZPR Full Kit for MVR 300.00. During the Extended Registration period from 15th to 30th January the price of the Basic Kit was changed to MVR 95.00 and the price of the Full Kit is changed to MVR 310.00.

To allow last minutes registrations we have introduced  ‘Ey Maves’ Kit for late entrants! You can still be part of Zero Plastic Run 2020 by purchasing the ‘Ey Maves’ kit before 27th February 2020.
The Kit includes the T-Shirt, Bib, Medal & Tote Bag!

Ey Maves Kit: MVR 360/-

Group Registration

Group Registrations are for groups or teams of 20 and above. These are mainly targeted to companies,  gymnasiums, run groups, government organization etc etc. There are no individual choices of Kits allowed. All participants in the group would get a ZPR Full Kits with a reduced price of MVR 250.00. During the Extended Registration period from 16th to 30th January the price of the Full Kit was changed to MVR 260.00 per person in the group.

Group Registrations are now closed for Zero Plastic Run 2020!

If you have any further queries please mail to or call us on +960 7797427. We can be reached on online chat as well as on facebook