The Cleaning Quest is a CSR project of ICS Maldives since 2017. “The Cleaning Quest” focuses on raising awareness among participants and the public on sustainable tourism and how even a simple step such as cleaning our beaches and ocean has a major positive effect on the environment.
The marine environment, covering over 70% of the Earth’s surface, is exposed to numerous anthropogenic threats. One such global, persistent, and increasing threat is marine litter, manufactured solid waste material that enters the marine environment. Marine litter can have lethal and sub-lethal effects on wildlife through entanglement, physical damage, and also potential chemical contamination by ingesting those materials
It can also have negative impacts on visitors, as a common form of visual pollution, potentially undermining visitors’ physical and psychological well-being gained from the environment.
Our main aim is to educate and raise awareness among the citizens and visitors to engage in more pro-environmental behaviors.
The first cleaning quest was held in B. Dharavandhoo on the 27th October 2017, with more than 100 participants joining the cause. More than 50 Kg of plastic was collected from Dharavandhoo and handed over for recycling.
Second edition of The Cleaning Quest was held in AA. Mathiveri on the 14th April 2018, with more than 400 participants joining the cause. About 80 kg of plastic was collected from Mathiveri and handed over for recycling.
Third Edition of The Cleaning Quest was held in K. Dhiffushi, on 3rd August 2018. A total of 250 participants collected over 150 Kg of plastic from the island.
Our mission is to consistently continue the event and eventually expand the initiative to the whole country.