QuickBooks Premier


QuickBooks Premier 2019 is an accounting software that helps organizations manage essential financial tasks like paying bills, creating invoices, producing reports, and tracking expenses, contributions, and payments. It can be installed as a general business edition or as one of five industry-specific editions, including a non-profit edition. Over a network, up to five users can work with the organization’s data at the same time. Each user must have both a user license and a separate installation of the same edition and version of QuickBooks. Organizations that require more than one license can request the three-user version through TechSoup or purchase licenses directly from Intuit. Benefits for Organizations:

  • Draft reports that show how much money has been contributed and spent to date by donor or by grant.
  • Plan budgets based on fundraising and expense data and comparing actual income and expenses to budgeted amounts.
  • Use business planning and analysis tools, such as the Statement of Financial Income & Expense.
  • Organize tax, donor, vendor, employee, and general company information in separate centers while allowing an accountant to simultaneously work on the system.
  • Date August 19, 2018
  • Tags Business Automation