Why QBDocs

QBDocs, ICS Check Printing Software for QuickBooks is designed to print Checks on any paper using any printer that is supported by Windows operating system. QBDocs is a lightweight very easy to use add-on to QuickBooks that can be configured by anybody with ease. The powerful document designer that comes along with QBDocs allows the Checks and other supported documents to be designed in any way the user needs. It can be designed to print on blank check stock or on any kind of paper. Payment Vouchers, Receipts and Journal Vouchers can also be designed in any way required by the customer.

QBDocs comes with inbuilt templates for Checks, Payment Vouchers, Journal Vouchers and Receipts. These inbuilt templates are designed based on the customers’ requirements in the Maldives. As a results the templates can be used without any changes to it in the Maldives except for very few little changes in the Vouchers like the company logo. More changes may be needed by users from outside Maldives. However, that is not an issue because these templates can be easily copied and saved as a new template and then the template can be edited the way user wants.

QBDocs allows templates to be assigned to the different banks, this is because the Checks of Different Banks in some countries differ in size and design. As such a spate template for each bank is needed. Vouchers and Receipts can be the same as these are documents from the company itself. In any case, if there is a need to have spate templates assigned to each bank this is possible. At the same time, QBDocs allows a spate sequence numbering for each bank. This is very important for Auditors as they would be easily able to see if there is a Voucher missing in between for a given Bank Account when they do the vouching during internal and external audit. QBDocs Version 4 is now in beta and expected to be released soon. We will be sharing more information about to new version soon. There are very exciting additional feature added to Version 4.

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