At present the hottest selling add on development of ICS is QBDocs designed and developed by Mr. Mohamed Ali, Executive Chairman of ICS.

QBDocs works as an add-on to QuickBooks. The cheque printing feature of QuickBooks does not allow template customization like other documents that are available in QuickBooks. Similar case is with the receipts printing feature. The purpose of QBDocs is to enhance this functionality.

QBDocs supports multiple company files. QBDocs always interacts with the QuickBooks company file that is opened. However, in order for QBDocs to interact with any QuickBooks company file it has to be first added to QB Docs Database.

Following are a list of the features of QB Docs:


  1. Any number of Bank Accounts
  2. Any number of QuickBooks Company Data file Supported
  3. Cheque & Bill Payment Cheque are supported. Cheques that are marked with “To be printed” are updated to QBDocs for printing.
  4. Simultaneous multi user is enabled.
  5. Payment Voucher Numbering with a Custom Prefix for each bank Account.
  6. None check printing Accounts such as Cash in Hand & Petty Cash Accounts are accommodated.
  7. Design, attach and print different Cheque Templates to bank accounts.
  8. Design, attach and print different Payment Voucher Templates to bank accounts.
  9. Design, attach and print different Bill Payment Voucher Templates to bank accounts.
  10. Design and print customer receipts.
  11. All Vouchers can have separate voucher numbering for each bank account.
  12. All Vouchers have a field to enter Prepared by, checked by, Approved by.
  13. Option to enter Cash Payee in Cheque.