QBDocs is offering a Free 30 Day Trial as an introductory offer to the US & Canada market.

In this promotion, a random lucky winner stands a chance to win a
lifetime license of QB Docs by downloading a free trial copy of QB Docs.
The promotion is valid till 31st December 2019 and ICS Maldives will be
announcing the winner on 1st January 2020.

QBDocs is an in-house development of ICS Maldives, which is an add-on
software for QuickBooks that allows users to customize and print
Checks, Receipts, and Vouchers using any kind of printer or paper.

QuickBooks, one of the biggest accounting software in the world, with
over 3.6 Million users worldwide and over 80% market share in the
United States. However, even with QuickBooks’ functionality and
flexibility, it lacks in features such as template customization for
checks, vouchers and receipt printing. This is where QBDocs comes into
play, with seamless integration into QuickBooks, QBDocs helps enhance
the functionality and allows customization.

The powerful document designer that comes along with QBDocs allows the Checks and other supported documents to be designed in any way the user needs. It can be designed to print on blank check stock or on any kind of paper. Payment Vouchers, Receipts and Journal Vouchers can also be designed in any way required by the customer. Further, QBDocs allows templates to be assigned to the different banks, this is because the Checks of Different Banks in some countries differ in size and design.

QBDocs has been catering to the Southeast Asian markets since the early 2000s and currently offering QBDocs Version 3, while version 4 is now in beta testing and expected to be released soon.

Some of the Major functions of QBDocs are:

  • Simultaneous Multi-users.
  • Payment Voucher Numbering with a Custom Prefix for each bank account.
  • Non Check printing accounts such as Cash in Hand & Petty Cash Accounts are accommodated.
  • Design, attach and print different Check Templates to bank accounts.
  • Design, attach and print different Payment Voucher Templates to bank accounts.
  • Design, attach and print different Bill Payment Voucher Templates to bank accounts.
  • Design and print customer receipts.

Offer Valid till: 31st January 2020

For more information: https://www.ics.com.mv/contact/

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