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Naavee Adam completed his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from Coventry University, UK. Naavee specializes in Social Media Marketing, Branding, Content Writing, New Product Development, and Business Development. He is also a self-taught graphic designer & visual artist with experience in Adobe Platforms.

With an interest in the Telecom Industry, he started his career in the Maldives in 2013 as a Marketing Executive at Raajje Online. He implemented modern Social Media Marketing and boosted Brand Recognition of Raajje Online; developing & executing the company’s first Marketing Campaign. Naavee then ventured into Startups & e-Commerce with Everything Red in 2015; where he supervised the Branding, New Product Development, Marketing & Public Relation. Naavee is currently the Chief Operating Officer at ICS, managing the company’s day to day activities and all avenues of business operations.

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