Introducing Moodhu Gift Vouchers
Moodhu Haveeru; an event organized and managed for Moodhu Moodhu Holidays, was held on 19th January 2018 at Artificial Beach with the objective of introducing Moodhu Gift Vouchers to the Public. Moodhu Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift for your family, friends and newlyweds for their romantic honeymoon getaways.
The Event was organized by ICS Maldives, and was a very comprehensive event on a busy Friday evening with carnival style game stalls, face paint and a henna stall that attracted countless children and Adults. Furthermore, thanks to generous sponsors and partners for helping make the event even more complete.
F&B stalls included, Lick, Coca-Cola, Tasty Bakes and Light Brose.
To top it off “Habeys Boduberu” the entertainment partner of the event made a lot of noise to attract even more people to the event