Maldives Fitness Expo is an event by ICS Maldives Pvt Ltd with the aim of bringing all the fitness enthusiasts under one roof. It is an annual event. The main objective of the Maldives Fitness Expo is to showcase businesses in the fitness industry in Maldives and bring their customers together to help improve the industry while increasing public awareness of the different forms of fitness in the Maldives.

With the growing number of fitness enthusiasts and fitness centers in the Maldives, the Maldives Fitness Expo 2019 will be the ideal platform for businesses to reach the booming market and expand their business.


The Maldives Fitness Expo is the most ideal platform for both new and established businesses as well as fitness coaches, personal trainers, supplement and nutrition distributors, restaurants and home cooks who promote healthy food and other various businesses operating in the Maldivian fitness industry.

Team ICS is proud to announce the 1st edition of this annual event which we believe will become the go-to platform for all industry stakeholders.


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