Brand Management Services

Many Business in Maldives are partnering with ICS Maldives for success. We formulate winning strategies for our customers, for new products and services or with their existing products and services.

Our service would usually begin with an idea from our clients. We help convert the idea in to a successful business. For ongoing businesses we help enhance the existing products or services and below are the main areas of services we provide under the Brand Management Services:.

  • Use of Social Media,
  • Ideas and production of Video Commercials,
  • Search Engine Optimizing Strategies and
  • Use of Online Media are part of the

Social Media Marketing : In a typical large account we would develop everything from the idea to the posts. In smaller accounts we use the materials provided by the client to develop the social media posts.

Video Commercial : In the same manner as Social Media Marketing, in large accounts we develop all the creatives based on the needs of the customer. On smaller accounts we create the social media creatives based on the materials provided by the client.

Online Media Management : We create media content from scratch or based on the input from the Clients.

Search Engine Optimization : SEO services is only available for larger accounts.