Moodhu Haveeru

Introducing Moodhu Gift Vouchers Moodhu Haveeru; an event organized and managed for Moodhu Moodhu Holidays, was held on 19th January 2018 at Artificial Beach with the objective of introducing Moodhu Gift Vouchers to the Public. Moodhu Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift for your family, friends and newlyweds for their romantic honeymoon getaways. The Event […]

Fitness Qualification Launch

MAPS COLLEGE On 11th August 2018, ICS Maldives organized Launching Event of two new qualifications in Sports Fitness for the first time in the Maldives which are MQA approved for MAPS College. The event was held at MAPS College Nelson Mandela Seminar Hall. Event was covered by PSM & Channel 13. The event was one […]

The Cleaning Quest

Cleaning Quest

The Cleaning Quest is a CSR project of ICS Maldives since 2017. “The Cleaning Quest” focuses on raising awareness among participants and the public on sustainable tourism and how even a simple step such as cleaning our beaches and ocean has a major positive effect on the environment. The marine environment, covering over 70% of […]