AMINA Lounge

AMINA Residency launches their AMINA Lounge’s Services to Locals

AMINA Residency is set to open their exclusive one-of-a-kind recreation and entertainment Lounge facilities on Sunday, 15th September 2019 for locals, expats and tourists. AMINA Residency is one of the most popular guesthouses in Male’, and the first of its brand AMINA, developed by FALIM Group Private Limited.  AMINA Lounge is located at the 11th floor of AMINA Residency Guesthouse at H. Feyrugasdhoshuge in Ameer Ahmed Magu, just behind Cyprea Building.




AMINA Lounge is designed with the concept of taking your entertainment and recreation experiences one step further. With its outstanding view combined with the pleasant décor, AMINA Lounge is an ideal venue to host birthday parties, friends and family gatherings, sports matches and movie nights, special celebrations, corporate get-together events, karaoke nights and even mini vacations. AMINA Lounge features luxurious and comfortable seating, a kitchenette, a dining area, complimentary Wi-Fi, pool table, sun deck, sound system, HD TV, video games and a Jacuzzi for visitors to relax and unwind. 

AMINA Lounge can be booked for morning or evening sessions. Sessions can also be customized at the convenience of guests’ timings.

For more information about AMINA Lounge or to make bookings, you can do so by visiting AMINA Residency’s website at or by contacting their hotline number: +960 791 6003.