AMINA Residency has announced that they are taking bookings for their AMINA Lounge. AMINA Loung is located at the terrace floor of the 12 Storied AMINA Residency Building on Ameer Ahmed Magu.

AMINA Residency was opened in March of this year with seven different room types to choose from. 

The room rates of AMINA Residency ranges from US$ 80 to US$ 200. This is including breakfast.  Located at the Center of the most busiest area in the Male’, capital city of Maldives, AMINA Residency is walking distance from many important places. These include the Jetties, Commercial Banks, Government Offices, many Cafe’s and Restaurants. 



Coffee Bar

Sundeck Sea View

Pool Table

Dinning Area

Superior Deluxe King Room

Karaoke/TV Games Station

Lounge Reading Area

AMINA Lounge can be booked for a morning or an evening. The morning bookings can be taken as early as 6am until noon and the afternoon bookings can start from 2pm as per information available to us from FALIM Group Private Limited the owners and managers of the brand AMINA.

To get more information on AMINA Lounge you can visit AMINA Lounge on their website or contact their hotline number : 7916003.