QBDocs, Check Printing Software for QuickBooks is the most easiest QuickBooks add-on to be integrated with QuickBooks Accounting Software. In this video we are going to show you how to print Receipts and Journal Vouchers.

Step by step explanations of how to print Receipts and Journal Vouchers using QBDocs with Quickbooks: Print Receipts
  1. To print receipt, you have to receive the payment from Quickbooks and read the receipt from QBDocs.
  2. To print the Journal Voucher, you have to enter a Journal Voucher from Quickbooks and read the JV from DBDocs.
  3. Now go to System Preferences in QBDocs. If the payment is received to account set to “Undeposited Funds”, make sure to select the template for the receipt account from RV Template column. Also select the template for JV template for Journal Voucher printing.
  4. To print the Payment Receipt, a payment has to be received from Quickbooks first.
  5. Now go to receive payment area. Select the customer, mark the payment that you want to receive. Click save and close.
  6. Go to Print Receipts in QBDocs and click read. The payment that you have received from Quickbooks has been synced to QBDocs.
  7. To print the receipt, click print receipt and it will take you to the preview of the receipt, before it is printed. If the receipt is printed you can click yes to close the window.
  8. thats how receipt is printed from q bee docs. now lets print a journel voucher

Print Journal Vouchers

  1. Enter a Journal entry in Quickbooks. Go to company, select make General Journal entries from Quickbooks.
  2. In order to read the journal entry from QBDocs, you have to keep the entry number empty. otherwise jv cannot be synced to QBDocs. Remember to keep the field empty.
  3. Now, reed and print the Journal Voucher from the JV printing window. If the JV is printed, click yes to close the window.

You have just successfully printed Receipts and Journal Vouchers using QBDocs  with Quicbooks! 

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