QBDocs, Check Printing Software for QuickBooks is the most easiest QuickBooks add-on to be integrated with QuickBooks Accounting Software. In this tutorial we are going to show you how easy it is to print Checks and Payment Vouchers using QBDocs. For ease we have produced the below video.

Step by step explanations of how to print Checks and Payment Vouchers using QBDocs with Quickbooks:

1. To print Cheques and Voucher from QBDocs, you have to enter a Checks into Quickbooks first.
2. From Print Checks and Payment Voucher windows of QBDocs, you can print checks and vouchers. Have a look at the Preference Settings we have done earlier. If you want you can define a prefix which combines with the incremental voucher number and generate your own payment voucher number. Earlier we have defined Currency Notes, Currency Coins, PV Templates, BPV Template and RV Templates.
3. It is very important that you mark the “Print Later” checkbox in QuickBooks Checks screen, if you want print the check and voucher form QBDocs otherwise q bee docs cannot read your check
4. Open QBDocs and go to Check and Voucher Printing window, click read, the check you have entered just now has been synced to QBDocs just as you have entered it into Quickbooks, the payee name, amount it words, and all the other accounting details, designated names and PV Numbers that you have defined in the QBDocs preference settings.
5. Click Print Check, place the check note in your printer and click print from this windows, once the check is printed you can close the window, it will ask you the check number to be synced to Quickbooks, enter your check number.
6. If the payment voucher is printed correctly you can close the window and click yes.
7. Bill Payments are printed the same way as we printed the Cheques. Pay the bill that you have entered in QuickBooks. Here you can select a bill or you can select multiple bills to pay. QBDocs can read multiple bills and cheques at the same time if you have paid them.
8. Open QBDocs, open the check printing window, click read. All the details of the bill that you have paid in the Quickbooks bill pay window now have been synced to QBDocs.
9. Print the cheque and enter your cheque number. Print the Payment Voucher. Now you have successfully printed cheques and vouchers using Bill Payment option and write cheques option.

You have successfully printed a QBDocs has successfully printed Checks and Payment Vouchers with Quicbooks! 

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