QBDocs, Check Printing Software for QuickBooks is the most easiest QuickBooks add-on to be integrated with QuickBooks Accounting Software. For ease we have produced the below video.

Step by step explanations of how to Integrate QBDocs with Quickbooks:

1. Open your vesion of QuickBooks. (Only Desktop version are Supported)
2. Login as Admin and QuickBooks must be in the Single User Mode
3. In the Preferences Setting select Integrated Applications and Company Preferences tab.
4. Open QBDocs and Click Add QuickBooks Company Button.
5. Certification windows pops ups to allow QBDocs to Integrate with QuickBooks.
6. Select the 3rd Option “Yes, Whenever this QuickBooks company file is open
7. Click Continue and Click Done

QBDocs has successfully integrated with Quicbooks! 

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