Sept/Oct Intake 2019 | MAPS College

MAPS College has started accepting applications for September and October 2019 Intake. As per the article on the official site of the MAPS College, following curses are offered in this Intake.

MAPS College Qualifications – commencing in October

Level 3 (Certificate)

 Level 4 (Advanced Certificate)

Level 5 (Diploma)

Level 6 (Associate Degree)

Level 7 (Bachelors Degree)

The best news in this intake is that, the MAPS College Bachelors Degree programs are fully covered under the Government Free Degree program scheme. This allows the students to study completely free of charge.

University of Bedfordshire Qualifications – commencing in late September

Here are Ways that Potential Students Can Apply for MAPS College Courses: 


The quickest and easiest way to apply is via the MAPS College website. Applications should take no more than 5 minutes to complete


Download and submit your application form to MAPS College reception, located at H. Vaifilaa-aage, 1st Floor, Janavaree Magu, Male’.

Before you apply, please check that you have read and fully understand the relevant information on Terms and Conditions for Studying at MAPS College.

Application Deadline

The deadline for accepting applications for the Sept/Oct intake are as follows:

For courses of University of Bedfordshire Qualifications students have to apply before 15 September 2019 and for MAPS College Qualifications students have to apply before 30 September 2019.

For further information and details of the course fees, you can click the desired course or contact MAPS College on 331 4621 or at