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Since its inception in 1996 many businesses have chosen
ICS Maldives as their consultancy partner for success!

Is your business fully automated? Want a free consultation from the pioneers who brought business automation to Maldives?

World renowned software like QuickBook Series of finance management software together with QuickBooks POS and Retail Pro was introduced to Maldivian by ICS Maldives. Small to large companies in various industries are using our software, making us the largest and the longest serving business automation solution providers in the country. Many companies have partnered with us for success! Want a free consultation to find out how we can help you?

Are you following good governance to manage your business? Do you want us to find out for you?

Good governance is the key to any business success. Be it a small, large or a starter business. For the beginning it is very important to follow good governance. The employees and the employer should have a set of written or unwritten understanding of what is to be expected out of the business, out of the products and services that are sold.  This is where we come in handy. Be it a new business or a ongoing business, we are here to assist you. Do you want us to reach out to you for a free consultation of how we can help?

Is your Brand receiving enough attention from your potential customers? Or respected by your existing customers?

In today’s business branding is very critical. People like brands. People talk about brands. People like to be associated with brands. So, if you do not give enough thought about who you position your brand and strategically place it in your niche, your business fails. We have years of experience in creating and maintaining brands in the Maldives. Do you want our expert help in understand what is lacking in your brand management effort?

Do you want to us to organize an event? Or do you want to know more about our Events?

Events are a great way to attract and engage customers. It creates a lasting impression on customers. It allows customers to interact with your business. Not all events are of commercial natures. There are social gatherings, political rallies and many more different types of events. We can contact you to give more information about Maldives Fitness Expo, Zero Plastic Run and Cleaning Quest. These are our own events at present. Or if you want us to organize an event for you please lets us know! Shall we reach our to you?

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