What is Zero Plastic Run?

This is an event where participants run or walk to bring more attention to the negative environmental impacts caused by plastics. The event also seeks to create additional awareness on this very important issue.

This event is organized by ICS Maldives and is the first of its kind in the Maldives.

The Zero Plastic Run will continue annually until the single-use plastics in our everyday lives is zero, and until Maldives becomes a zero single-use plastic nation. We all have a responsibility as individuals to achieve this goal. #iamresponsible

Why Zero Plastic Run?

The main aim of the “Zero Plastic Run” is to advocate for banning or minimizing the use of everyday plastics which harm the environment. We want to increase the awareness on this serious issue.

Our call is for the use of zero single-use plastics in our daily lives.

We recognize that, this goal cannot be achieved overnight by just us alone. However, we believe that it is very important for each and every one to make a start and stay on this very important journey to zero single-use plastics.

When and where will the event take place?

The event will be a 5km run/walk in Hulhumale’ on the 1st of February 2019.

Participants will begin their Zero Plastic Run from the Central Park at 8.00 am and finish at the same location, where their ecofriendly medals await them.

Who can join?

Anyone and everyone can join the Zero Plastic Run! We encourage individuals and people from all walks of life – the civil servants and politicians, corporates and NGOs, uniformed services, students and educators, artists and entertainers, doctors, nurses and care-givers, families and friends, and all others – to join the run and begin their journey towards a plastic free lifestyle. Register now!

Where do the Proceeds go?

The proceeds, less administrative expenses, will be given to selected environmental NGOs for initiatives towards achieving the goal of the Zero Plastic.

All interested environmental NGOs are requested to get on board and get involved by contacting us on +960 7797427 or by emailing us at zeroplasticrun@ics.com.mv as soon as possible.

Your commitment towards the cause?

The entire event will be carried out without the use of harmful single-use plastics, and you are all requested not to use single-use plastics at the event. Additionally, you can show your commitment to the cause by:

Throwing away plastic: Participants can start contributing to this cause by collecting plastics before the event and bringing those to the collection points at event venue for it to be properly disposed. These plastics will be taken for recycling.

Collecting plastic: During the run/walk everyone is encouraged to pick plastics from the road and bring it to the collection points at the event venue.

Joining the Pledge for Zero Plastic: After completing the run/walk individuals and institutions will be invited to take a pledge to support Zero Plastics by palm-printing on a cloth banner placed at the Zero Plastic Run finish line.

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Zero Plastic Run

Did you know you most confetti is made of plastic?

Due to it being so small is almost impossible to clear it all up, often ending as litter adding to the environmental crisis we have created. Today I spotted this ingenious idea of making confetti out of leaves! Such a simple idea that could have a huge impact on the way we think about our plastic use.

Stop single use plastic 🛑
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Zero Plastic Run

Plastic bottles require up to 700 YEARS to dissolve.
80% of plastic bottles never get recycled.

REFUSE plastic water bottles and carry your own REUSABLE water bottles!

RECYCLE your plastic water bottles at Parley Maldives, checkout the Male’ map of plastic collection point by them.

Here’s two of our personal favorite places that sell water bottles, Toddy Inc. and Zero Waste Maldives.
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Zero Plastic Run

Plastic is a global tragedy for our oceans and marine life. Let's take a stand and protect our oceans.
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#TheCleaningQuest #CleanerBeach #CleanerOcean
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Contact Information

H. Nereen, 2ndFloor, Majeedhee Magu, Male’, Rep.of Maldives Phone: +960 3325865 Fax: +960 3324216 Web: www.ics.com.mv