ICS Maldives has enabled many Maldivian companies to rethink their revenue and profit generation business practices and identify opportunities to improve their business processes. We provide sales consulting, marketing consulting, customer service consulting and management consulting with specific expertise in profit improvement strategies in addition to providing you with an independent perspective of your organization and identify opportunities to fine tune your sales and marketing operations while gaining a sustainable competitive advantage.
Companies are under extreme pressure from shareholders, and their internal sales leadership to concentrate on sales efforts that quickly impact their sales performance. This needs to be accomplished without wasting either sales or marketing consulting resources on generic proposals or management consulting that doesn’t have a direct impact on their sales and their profit margins. Sales consulting must help these organizations adapt and optimize their sales and marketing systems in order to capture more profitable business.
We have the capacity and the right expertise to help your organization develop a holistic sales system that enables your sales and customer service organization to be adaptive, profit conscious and value driven while faced with unprecedented pressure to achieve greater results, faster.

Social Media Marketing
ICS Maldives started Outsourced Social Media Marketing for companies in the Maldives towards the last quarter of 2017 and currently manage and provide Social Media Marketing for several major companies in the country. ICS paves the way for effortless Social Media Marketing by providing the full solution to customers, enabling them to reach their target customers via all Social Media platforms to any desired Market.

Branding & Designing
With a team of experienced designers ICS Maldives provides Branding & Designing services hand-in-hand with Social Media Marketing, delivering design work for all mediums, including Social Media, Print & Digital Media. ICS also carries out branding for companies, from redesigning existing brands to creating new brands from scratch.

Media Management
ICS Maldives’s Media Management services include writing press releases, organising and supervising teams of media professionals, press conferences.
various mass communication channels and technologies, media and entertainment productions and more.

  • Date August 18, 2018
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